Getting older

Some days just turn out different than you thought.

And then some days are just chock full of life, so full in fact that things are bursting apart.

But then again, maybe the trouble is the wineskin. Maybe this one is getting a bit old. Doesn't take much new wine to burst an old wineskin, or so I've heard.

In any case, I have two images that I don't think I'll forget from today. One is Caravaggio; there is something about seeing a masterpiece right in front of you. For me it usually brings a certain amount of tears, and I'm not altogether sure of the reason every time. I remember Rembrandt's portrait of his fiance: his love for her was still so obviously oozing out of the canvas. And today? I don't know, maybe there's just something so truthful about beautiful images. Capturing the essence of humanity, of life, of reality.

And the other? Well let's just say it involves children playing games, blood all over the floor, a trip to the emergency room, four stitches, and McDonald's for dinner. Oh yes, and might as well splatter a few yelling bouts in the mix as well, just for flavor. Sigh. All's well that ends well?

And this old wineskin? Feeling stretched, leaking, a bit worse for wear…I suppose its time to decide to leave some things behind. And maybe that's right at the turning of a new year, time to grow older, hopefully wiser, and continue to leave the things of youth (but not the youthfulness) behind. I'll try. To trust more, worry less, love completely.



Happy Birthday to me.